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Welcome to The Computer Doc’s IT Support Centre.

The Computer Doc has been providing fast and efficient IT services for more than 10 years. We strive to be one of the most efficient and effective IT services for homes and business around the globe. With bases in both northern and southern hemispheres, we are revolutionizing the way users receive support. With more than a thousand users globally, we believe we have found the right formula for efficiency and sound IT practices. Our goal is to provide a fast and seamless method of assistance in order to help anyone at anytime, without the risk of going anywhere and eliminating the need to wait for someone to come to your premises.

Our remote support software provides both security and easy access by utilizing a small secure download and custom key only available for the session at hand. Once you close the application, no further access can be made and your system is left in your secure hands. 

The Doc’s support agents are highly skilled in desktop, server and mobile device support and have vast experience in many arenas in both the private and public sectors. We guarantee a resolution to your issue or you will not be billed for your session. 

Should you require once-off assistance or are in need of a more substantial service, we have an option available for you. You can click below to register for instant assistance or contact us via our contact page to enquire about a monthly service option.

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